Storm Glazing

Mechanical and direct weathering protection:

Storm glazing is used for all type of glass which my suffer from the effects of high winds or vandalism, any bracket system does not offer water proof environmental protection for this we recommend our fully water proof and ventilated system.

We have designed our own non-ferrous bronze brackets which supports the glass. These have an aesthetically  small profile and limit the impact which these protective glazing has on the appearance of the building.

Leaded lights can bucket from the effects of high winds.


Our bronze bracket system can also facilitate heavy toughen glass   toughen glass which is 5 times stronger than normal float glass of the same thickness.

Anti- Vandal & Hurricane quality impact-resistant protective storm glazing.

We can install our system using heavy laminated glass which will form a superior protective barrier from aggressive acts of vandalism  this will also protect the window from illegal breaking and entry. Laminated glass is the only type of glass allowed to be accredited as hurricane impact-resistant .

Other benefits:

  • Noise reduction.
  • Improved thermal efficiency of window, lowering the cost of heating.

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