Restoration Gallery

Repair/Restore of traditional stained glass.

We have worked extensively in the repair of stained glass heritage.

The level of restoration needed can be identified only with a full site survey carried out by a qualified stained glass expert.  Based on this we can assess what level of repair is necessary to ensure the safeguarding of this glass and heritage for years to come.

Identifying this need will dictate if only minor work  is needed to be under taken.  This can be carried out on site with the glass in situ. Where the replacement of individual pieces of a damaged window can be carried out by our skilled glass operators.

We have the proven track record and skilled glass operators to facilitate the removal and complete restoration of part or all of a stained glass window. more often than not the lead line network of antique stained glass has degenerated to such a poor level of  integrity that a full extraction and studio restoration is the only option. The start is to give us a call or contact us here.

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