Polycarbonate Guards

Art Glass Solutions:

  • We use 6mm thick UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet or a heavier grade if the windows are especially wide.
  • The guards are cut to exactly the same shape as the glazing; all stonework is exposed and the area of reflection is reduced to a minimum and confined to areas where, visually, glass is expected.
  • They are fixed on brackets with fittings of stainless steel and nylon. This will be an exterior ventilation protective glazing that provides limited protection from environmental damage, condensation and the growth of organic matter.
  • No frames are used; the expansion with temperature is accommodated in the design.
  • A gap at the bottom of the guard and the cill to allow for removal of debris.
  • The fittings are  secure but removable for maintenance, our system can incorporate a swinging hinge system.

Replacing Obsolete Polycarbonate Window Guards.

When this material was 1st introduces as a protective mechanism to vandalism many mistake where made which have not been addressed in many churches and listed buildings.
The problems:

  • Fitted in large sheets, covering stonework as well as glass, which is aesthetically and technically inappropriate in nearly all cases. These large sheets are difficult to remove for cleaning and maintained.
  • Polycarbonate sheet of 4mm thickness or less is used- is susceptible to warping and causing excessive glare obscuring the window and damaging the appearance of the building.
  • Consideration of the large coefficient of expansion (0.5%) was not given, polycarbonate is resistant to blunt force but when put within a frame where there expansion is prevented the sheets will self-destruct.
  • Fabricated and installed which created non-ventilated cavities these go against what is now the highest priority of conservation glazing of creating an environment protected from condensation and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Secured using poor quality materials, either not fit for purpose or degraded quickly.
  • Guard was used in an attempt the secondary glaze leaking or broken windows.

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