Isothermal Glazing

An ‘isothermal’ environmental protective system is an internally ventilated system aimed at providing equalized climatic conditions on the inside and outside of the original glass,

This processes involves removing the original glass from its location/Groove, and refitting it it within an independent new frame which will support the glass further within the  window frame or building.

A protective glazing barrier is then placed into the original grove and this forms the exterior architectural weather barrier. this acts as an environmental, mechanical and vandalism protective measure for the stained glass.

Benefits of this method of protection:

  • Glass is protected from moisture and condensation.
  • Original glass is released from the builds structure and will no longer be affected by any damage caused by the buildings subsistence.
  • Frame allows the glass to be removed for future maintenance without the potential for damage to be caused.
  • Original Glass is now in a museum quality environment.

We have designed our own frame system for ‘isothermal’ using non-ferrous metal frame which supports the original glass and is secured non-obtrusively into the window arch.

an example of where we have installed  ‘isothermal’  protective glazing system is Link.

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