Expert Survey

The restoration and conservation process is helped by our extensive 3 stage diagnostic survey which covers:

1. Describing each window in sequence, noting its importance, location and its condition, itemizing any cracks, breakage, deterioration or visible damage both to the stained glass, any secondary glazing, grills or sandstone.

2. Fundamental problems are observed and are then fully documented and explained.

3. Detailed information as to the present environment within the building, which may adversely affect antique glass, lead in windows, fired artwork or issues that may be detrimental to the fabric of the building will be noted.

This comprehensive document is a foundation for the restoration and conservation process, and is part of the company’s philosophy to provide solutions to age old problems.

Pricing is determined by each individual job; because of this costs can vary. If you require Pricing please call the studio by phone, or send us an email, Contact us here


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