A major part of our business is the provision of decorative glass. This area of our expertise has seen us become an established supplier to major commercial projects.

Glass is a beautiful, versatile and functional material.

It has inherent useful qualities which can be enhanced with Glass processing transforms raw sheets of glass into high performance products, we can process glass in many ways to match exactly what you are looking for.

Visit our showroom  not just to view an extensive display of glass, but speak to our experienced sales and after care experts to discus which glazing solution best suits your needs and budget. at the show room you can choose from a sophisticated range of designs, styles, and glass processing.

  • Sandblasting & Acid Etching.
  • Decorative mirrors.
  • Bespoke designs.
  • Painted glass panels, toughen glass splash backs.
  • Glass slumping.
  • Glass Casting.
  • Coloured laminated glass.
  • Coloured vinyl.
  • Glass colouring,.
  • glass carving,
  • glass beveling.
  • Polished edges: Finished edges can make the difference between a plain piece of glass and an attractive feature.

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