Art Glass

Stained glass windows, decorative glass and antique glass restoration.

Art Glass  was established by Philip Coyle and Sinead Mallon in 1983, it  has grown from small studio to now being  at the forefront of Irish stained glass. Our aim is to maintain the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship in stained glass conservation and creation.

We have a reputation across Ireland for our stained glass design and stained glass  storm glazing conservation products  and restoration services.  We have developed techniques and materials for the preservation of stained glass with the culmination of these studies, being the creation of the most comprehensive isothermal protective conservation system to be fabricated on the island of Ireland.

Our experienced team of artists, designers, glass restorers and glaziers make Art Glass pioneers in the fields of new stained glass window design, stained glass restoration & conservation of artworks in glass across Ireland and beyond.

Art Glass procedures are the best of traditional skills and crafts coupled with the most up to date glazing techniques and standards of care and practices.

State of the art equipment, recognized craftsmanship and specialist glazing expertise enable us to meet all our customer’s expectations. The company is respected for its creativity, innovation, expertise, and attention to detail plus the capacity to reduce lead times and ensure guaranteed quality.

We provided a full range of stained glass services throughout Ireland, including:

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Art Glass